What is SSI?

The Joint International Master in Smart Systems Integration (SSI) is a two-year MSc programme given jointly by three reputable European institutions: Heriot-Watt University in Scotland (HWU), University College of South East Norway (USN) and Budapest University of Technology and Economics in Hungary (BME), awarding a Joint Degree signed by all three partners. Students will spend a semester at each of the three institutions. SSI adresses the present and future needs in manpower from the increasingly industry relevant area of Smart Systems, including MicroSystems Technology and Internet of Things. Systems such as airbag crash sensors, lab-on-a chip systems, environmental sensors and smart phones function through the integration of electronic processing with biological, mechanical and/or optical functions. SSI has obtained the prestigious “Erasmus Mundus” status awarded by the European Union.

What does SSI offer?

  • A Master Degree in an ever evolving technology
  • A Joint Degree, taking the best from three European universities
  • Education combining theoretical and practical training
  • International training
  • Experiencing life in three different European countries, strongly reflecting the cultural, historical, political and linguistic diversity in Europe
  • Possibility to do master project in a fourth country, at collaborating partner institutions
  • Being part of a multi-national class of students of limited size, where you are likely to get friends for life
  • Excellent job opportunities for graduates, with the possibility of shaping tomorrow’s society

    The Joint Degree you obtain open for numerous job opportunities, whether you wish to work in industry, research institutes, governmental agencies or if you wish to pursue Ph.D. studies. The programme will give you competences which will make you attractive not only in the three partner countries, but also in the rest of Europe as well as North America and Asia. You can work with a diverse range of topics, the list below indicates examples:

  • Design of sensors & actuators
  • Manufacturing of sensors & actuators
  • Internet-of-Things applications
  • Biomedical equipment (new systems for diagnosis, implantable systems)
  • Environmental surveillance (sensor networks)
  • Smart systems for the consumer market
  • Sensors, actuators and instrumentation for aerospace, automotive or industrial markets.

  • Visiting Scholarships for Academics

    The SSI consortium has visiting scholar scholarships for distinguished individuals in the general field of Smart Systems and Integration who can make a positive contribution to the teaching, project, dissertation supervision/assessment, etc, activity of the enrolled students.

    These scholarships are for a time period as agreed with the particular partner and must be for a minimum of 1 week and the maximum period is usually 6 weeks. The scholarship payment is 1200 Euros per week, in line with European Commission policy. The scholar is responsible for his/her travel costs, accommodation costs and all other subsistence costs.

    Interested individuals can send their CV for consideration to the Coordinator, Dr Changhai Wang