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In Scotland, you can find the National Union of Students, which already politically represents over 500 000 scottish students. The campuses of Heriot-Watt University offers a great student experience. You can meet others who share your interests and people from all over the world, discover new sports and activities, and make lifelong friends. The university can support you all the way, through a range of services and facilities that will help you make the best of your time as a student in Scotland.

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During your semester, you can enjoy the vibrant student community of Norway. This country has been societally known for both sociable and well-organized students. You can find student unions that will give both insurance and free extra-curricular schooling. You can also find student organizations that will organize social events, like students nights at local bars, as well as fun pop quiz-nights and themed parties.

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At Budapest University of Technology and Economics, you can find the campus both welcoming and culturally enriching. During spring-time, english-speaking students will be invited to taste hungarian cuisine, as well as experiencing historical reenactments where you can see the medieval combat and life up close.

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