Participation fees and scholarship

Participation fees for the SSI programme are:

4.000 EUR/year for applicants from Programme countries
(EU and the following associate countries: Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey)
7.750 EUR/year for applicants from Partner countries
(all other countries than Programme countries).

Erasmus Mundus scholarships:

Erasmus+ provides scholarships that include
- Full coverage of participation fees as listed above
- Contribution to subsistence costs: EUR 1.000/month: For the 24 month duration of the programme, except for study or thesis periods in the country of residence
- Contribution to travel and installation costs: EUR 1.000 – 3.000 / year: Depending on country of residence, see Erasmus+ programme guide for details

An applicant may apply to an Erasmus Mundus scholarship at the same time as applying for the SSI programme, the deadline for this application being January/ February
Applications to the SSI programme on a self-funded basis (or funded through other scholarships) are welcome until 1 June.