Academic Structure of the Smart Systems Integration MSc Programme.

Course NameSemesterECTS
Introduction to Scottish SocietyS12.5
Advanced Writing Skills, Research Preparation and EntrepreneurshipS15.0
Sensors, Actuators and IoTS17.5
Advanced Packaging and IntegrationS17.5
Fundamentals of Smart Systems IntegrationS17.5
Total in first semesterS130
Manufacturing Processes for Smart SystemsS25
Measurements and CharacterizationS210
Micro and Nano Biological Systems or Microsystem DesignS210
Norwegian Society, Language and CultureS25
Total in second semesterS230
MEMS and IC Co-DesignS34
System Level DesignS34
Integrated Smart System Design Laboratory*S38
Testing, Validation and Virtual InstrumentationS34
Individual Project LaboratoryS35
Introduction to Hungarian Language and CultureS35
Total in third semesterS330
Research Training period (All three Institutions)S430

*Smart Biomedical Devices Project or Intelligent Sensor Devices Project