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Winter School

The Winter School, early in semester 2, will give the students the chance to present their status “SSI Design Lab” (the continuous project through the SSIs programme) to a board with members from all SSIs institutions and industrial partners, to get feedback for further work.

There will be industrial and academic programme, including contributions from the SSIs associate partners, notably EPoSS (European Platform on Smart Systems) and NCE-MNT (Norwegian Centre of Expertise – Micro and Nano Technologies). The location will be in the Norwegian mountains, this will be an excellent experience in traditional Norwegian, rustic mountain cabin life. Skiing (for beginners and for those that have tried before) and “playing in the snow” is an obvious part of the programme. Experience the magic of a dark, silent winter night in the mountains, with stars as bright as you will never see in a city. If we’re lucky, we may even see Northern Lights…

Photo locations list: Marina Hettervik | Photo top: Knut Aasmundtveit

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